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Evolutionary Eating
Evolution gave humans exceptionally large brains and made them the most adaptable species on earth. We have managed to survive famines, ice ages and flourish in every environment from the desert to the rain forest. Our modern world is filled with a new challenge. Surrounded by food that is cheap, tasty and addictive we have to come up with a new strategy. 

For the last 50 years we have attempted to use willpower to try and lose the unwanted extra pounds through restrictive diets and exercise. It hasn’t worked and will never work because it is against our biology.  

In our modern “fat habitat” stimulates us to eat in a way that keeps us in fat storage mode. When our hormones are in fat storage mode we are primed to keep gaining. You can “lose weight” by starving but it will rapidly reaccumulate.  

Humans are designed to use weight not lose weight. We don’t need more diets we need more eating skills. The 7 easy evolutionary eating skills will put your hormones on the right path to getting and keeping a healthy and attractive body that lasts a lifetime.

Theresa Nesbitt MD is an Obstetrics & Gynecologic Surgeon Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist. She has an extensive background in nutrition, hormonal issues and brain health. She is the editor of Babies & Breastfeeding magazine and is the Director of Family Health Coaching.