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Virtual Breastfeeding Culture 
The Virtual Breastfeeding Culture: 
Seeking Mother-to-Mother Support in the Digital Age 

illustrates that since the advent of the digital communication, mothers have been using the Internet to support and connect with each other. Women have claimed the Internet as their own, and have created an elaborate infrastructure of virtual support. Spanning the course of almost two decades, online breastfeeding support has produced a thriving and expanding community of women committed to strengthening the sisterhood upon which so many mothers have come to rely.

This book includes:

Stories from mothers just like you
Raw, honest, uplifting, hopeful, and at times humorous narratives 
A helpful list of resources and tips on how to use the Internet for breastfeeding support
A special section for lactation professionals on how and why they should connect with their clients through various social-media platforms
Lara Audelo is the mother of two young boys, and a passionate breastfeeding educator and advocate. She believes increased education for all is the key to helping mothers achieve their individual breastfeeding goals, and is crucial for individuals who are responsible for providing much-needed support to nursing mothers. She received her Certified Lactation Education Counselor (CLEC) credential from University of California San Diego (UCSD) in 2010.